Betty Lewis Nursery School
Autumn Term Newsletter 2018

We hope everyone had a lovely summer break and we would like to welcome you to the first term of the new school year!
A warm welcome to all our new children and their families! We are sure that your children will settle in quickly and hopefully enjoy their time at Betty Lewis Nursery. 

We will be sending out a termly newsletter at the beginning of each term highlighting important dates - please be sure to add these to your diaries. 

Each child has their own wall pocket in which all newsletters, reminders, your child’s artwork etc is put so please check these regularly. We complete the whiteboard daily with reminders and also a summary of the fun we have had at pre-school during the day.
Staff News
We have 2 members of staff, Miss Field and Mrs Collins who are in the final stages of their Level 3 Early Educators Qualification, so we wish them luck as they complete this 18 month qualification
Nursery News
In July we said goodbye to 34 children leaving us to start primary school. We hope they enjoy their time, and look forward to visiting them at their schools later this term.

We welcome 25 new children who join the 25 children who started with us last year. 
Parent comments/suggestions
Each year we carry out a parent survey towards the end of the school year. We really appreciate parents taking the time to fill these in and provide us with their comments and suggestions for improvement. 

We aim to ensure all parents and children are happy with the service that we provide and always ask that you come and see either Michelle or Julie if you have any concerns at any time.

We aim to improve communication to parents thisterm, by using the website more to let parents know about events in the pre-school. Please visit
Learning Journey Files
Feedback from previous parent surveys was that parents wanted to look at their child’s Learning Journey file more frequently. Folders will be sent home 3 times a year, in line with termly assessments (see section below),however you are welcome to take them home on ad-hoc basis – please just ask your child’s key worker as the files are used and updated regularly. 

We would very much like parents to contribute as much as possible to these files. At the end of your child’s time at pre-school, the primary school teachers visit and find it very useful to look through the files to help them get to know your child, so they are an important transition tool as well as a lovely record of development over the time your child is with us. 

We would welcome any achievements/news to include (e.g. learning a new skill, learning to ride a bike, new hobbies, new words or phrases,anything that makes you think ‘wow’.) Feel free to take photos of achievements and we will happily add them to your child’s folder.
My Unique Story & Progress Trackers
For the new children starting staff will be marking their ‘starting points’ on the progress tracker we use. This is an estimate as to where we believe your child to be developmentally and gives us an idea how to plan for your child individually.Key workers then record your child’s progress on this progress tracker 3 times a year, in October, March & June. 

The data from the Progress Tracker is then collated and used to identify the development of different cohorts of children. 

This information is used by your child’s key person when planning for the next stages of your child’s learning. At these times we also write a brief‘report’ about your child’s development, called ‘My Unique Story’. Your input is also required for this and key persons like to meet with parents at these times to discuss progress and any concerns.
Progress Check at 2
Key persons will complete a statutory progress checkon all those children that are 2 years old.

This is a tool to highlight any concerns we may identify early on and should be shared with your child’s health visitor. 

The sooner potential delays are identified, the sooner we can put things in place to support children.
Special/Additional Educational Needs
Michelle Hollyer is the setting SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) and can make referrals to the Speech & Language service or Specialist teachers should they be required. 

We have a strong record of identifying children with additional/special needs and working with outside agencies to gain the support required in order to get them ready for primary school.

If you have any concerns in this area, please speak to your child’s key person in the first instance.
Designated Safeguarding Officer
Alison Craig is the designated person for any safeguarding concerns. 

All staff attended their 3 year refresher in basic child protection in September ’17.Please discuss any concerns in confidence..
Borrow a book for Bedtime
In the hallway, at the entrance door, we have a mini library for you and your child to borrow a book to read at home and then return to the shelf for others to enjoy. 

Reading is such an important part of developing language as well as having quality time with your child. We really hope parents will use this facility and that your children will enjoy having a wide variety of books read to them. Children and parents really enjoyed this last year.
Parent Information Board
We operate a one-way system, through the main door and out through the back door in the pre-school room, to alleviate congestion in the main entrance hall. 

There is a ‘Parent Information Board’ in the hallway– here you will find lots of information as well as copies of newsletters,reminders, useful information, so please check this regularly. 

This board displays our Ofsted registration, insurance details, data protection certificate, food hygiene award details etc. 
Staff Training
Staff frequently attend courses and training for statutory reasons & for personal development to keep skills and knowledge up to date.

Training booked for this term includes ‘Magic of Maths’, ‘Communication in Print’ and ‘Makaton’ 
We are fully aware that this is a topic which has been on-going since we relocated to the Annexe 5 years ago!

We need to make parents aware that the main issue with the car park is that it is owned by the Parish Council and the cricket club. It is also a ‘public right of access’ meaning that the school and pre-school have very little say in how it is used and the public have every right to use it.

However – the following guidelines will ensure that we do not run into unnecessary problems:

Please ensure that you DO NOT enter the car park before 9.10amso that the school drop off traffic can clear.

Please park considerately and DO NOT block cars in

Please do not park in front the blue vehicular access gate at the end of the car park

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter..
We are in the process of looking for a new photographer for individual photographs, following on from feedback from parents last year.knowledge up to date.
Collection and Drop Off
Please can we take this opportunity to remind parents of drop off and collection times.

Drop off and collection should be prompt at the times indicated below:

9.15am Pre-school starts and doors opened

12.15pm Morning session finishes

12.45pm Lunch session finishes

2.15pm Pm Session finishes

2.45pm Pre-school finishes
We are always looking for donations of paper – in any shape, size or colour for our children to use in their mark-making. We would be grateful for anything you can donate!

We also use a lot of cardboard! If you can donate any empty cereal boxes we would be very grateful
PLEASE can you ensure children’s coats, bags, lunch boxes and water bottles are CLEARLY NAMED. We have 40 children in the nursery every day and it saves staff a lot of time if items are named

If your child brings in a rucksack or bag daily and leaves it on a peg, please be mindful of what is packed inside and ensure it does not contain anything that could pose a choking risk to other children.

Under no circumstances must any medication be stored in a child’s rucksack (e.g calpol)

Please can all children bring a NAMED water bottle to pre-school that we can refill for them. A sports cap style is best so that if it is knocked or dropped – it won’t leak or spill

As the weather is still warm please can all parents/carers ensure that children have sun cream applied before they come to nursery and that they have a named sun-hat. If your child stays all day please supply a small named bottle of sun cream in their bag which we will apply after lunch if the weather is especially hot. Obviously if the sun is very hot we will limit the time the children have outside or keep them in the shade. Also can we request that children wear suitable footwear for running around. No flip flops please.

Packed lunches – please can we request that lunches do not include peanut butter or cereal bars containing nuts due to allergies. Small tomatoes, cherries and grapes MUST be cut lengthways to reduce choking risks. Lunchtimes are very busy and it would be very helpful to staff if all lunchboxes and drink bottles are clearly named

Lost property – please check the yellow tub by the main door. Any items left in there by the end of term will be put in the charity box

We offer FF2 (Free for Two) places as well as EYPP (Early Years Pupil Premium) if you think you may be eligible for either of these please let us know

Please keep us informed of any changes in address, phone numbers, personal circumstances, as well as any changes to your child’s medical conditions / allergies

Dates for the Autumn Term (Terms 1 & 2)
Term 1 
Wednesday 5 September to Friday 19 October 

Autumn Holiday 
Monday 22 October to Friday 26 October 

Term 2 
Monday 29 October to Tuesday 18 December
Coffee Morning
We would like to invite parents along to our MacMillan coffee morning on Tuesday 25 September 2017. 

All funds raised will go towards Macmillan. 

It would be lovely to see some of our new parents and is an ideal opportunity to get to know other mums/dads as well as buy some delicious cakes for your family!
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