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Little Foxes

South Tonbridge

Chatter Matters

Supporting parents and carers with their understanding of children's early communication development.
Giving Adults knowledge and skills to support their children's language 
progression using literacy games and activities that they can create during the course

Friday, 6 Weeks

11th Jan to 15th Feb 
Free creche available

Rocket Making
 Learn how to make your own rockets
18th Feb 
For children and adults!

Confident Parent, Confident Child

Help Learners recognise the difference between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviours and learn how to become more assertive as well as build their children's confidence

Wednesday, 5 Weeks

16th Jan to 13th Feb 
Free creche available

Learning Through Play

Enable parents and carers to recognise the importance of play in children's development and share ideas on how to create opportunities for play

Mondays, 5 Weeks

14th Jan to 11th Feb 
Free creche available

Money Matters
With big changes with universal credit, this course is to help families find different ways they can manage their money, help their children to become familiar with the concept of money and explore a range of fun, creative childrens games and activities related to money
Monday, 5 Weeks

4th March to 1st April 
Free creche available

Family First Aid
This course aims to provide hands on, practical training with tutor input and demonstrations, building confidence in your abilities. 
Wednesday, 4 Weeks

6th March to 27th March 
Free creche available

Managing Children's Behaviour

Discuss a positive approach to discipline and look at various techniques to manage behaviour effectively, lovingly and with positivity
This course gives learners the opportunity to reflect on their approach to parenting, how to set effective and appropriate boundaries and understand behaviour cycles
Friday, 5 Weeks

8th March to 5th April 
Free creche available

Chapman Way, East Malling,
ME19 6SD
Avebury Avenue, Tonbridge,
Waveney Road, Tonbridge,
TN10 3JU

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