Betty Lewis Nursery School

Policies & Procedures

The following policies are available on request
The following policies are available on request
Policy Name
1.Children’s rights and entitlements
2.Mobile Phone Policy / Camera Policy
3.Confidentiality and client access to records
4.Uncollected child
5.Missing child
6.Maintaining children’s safety and security on premises
7.Making a complaint
8. Fire Evacuation / Evacuation Procedure
9. Lockdown Procedure
10. Staff Empolyment and Recruitment Policy
11. Student Placement
12. Severe Weather
13. Data Protection
14. Arrivals and Departures
15. Students, Volunteers and Temporary Staff
16. Outings Policy
17. Nappy Changing and Toilet Training
18. Valuing diversity and promoting equality
19. Supporting children with Special Educational Needs
20. Achieving positive behaviour
21. Admissions Policy
27. The Role of the Key Worker and Settling-in
22. Administering Medicines
23. Smoking Policy
24. Health and Safety
25. Parental Involvement
26. Fees and Pricing policy
Last updated on the 10th May 2019
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